2014-2016 C7 Corvette Stingray LG214-AC Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Splitters

Downforce, protection, and style. Three words that sound like they should belong in an army surplus ad, but they all describe what our Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Splitters. These carbon fiber splitters have what your Corvette need to look amazing at any angle. Your vet looks amazing from the front and back why not show off its sides as well with these sleek and stylish side skirts.

The C7 Carbon fiber Side Splitters offer more than just a good look but also great protection and aerodynamics. Trufiber products offer in both regards and these Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Splitters are at the forefront of our standards. These Carbon fiber Splitters are not only supposed to look wonderful but help your ride move smoothly as you glide down the road.