2016-2019 Camaro ZL1 Carbon Fiber Aerodynamic Components

These carbon fiber direct replacements are an excellent alternative to the stock versions. They will provide the perfect amount of aerodynamics for any turn no matter how tight or small. A smooth polished finish will cause your Camaro to stand out in the front and the sides. 2016-2019 Camaro Carbon Fiber Canards are one of Trufiber’s product that complements the Camaro and adds value to the confidence of the driver on the road and for those passing by on the street.

It's all in the carbon fiber and we want it to marry your vehicle,
with almost complete customization. Trufiber is committed to making sure your Camaro
is just as satisfied with your new canards as you are. 2016-2019 Camaro Carbon
Fiber Canards are going to be your next step up in your Camaro and you.

Let’s not just stop here let’s take a look at the rest of
trio: 2016-2019
Camaro Carbon Fiber LG360 Chin Spoiler
and the 2016-2019
Camaro Carbon Fiber LG359 Foglight Bezels
. These three are meant for each
other, come check them out!

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