Race towards Perfection with TruFiber’s Mustang GT350 Carbon Fiber Hood

Rev up your engine and stand out from the crowd with our Mustang GT350 carbon fiber hood. This product is made special for the 2015-2017 Mustang GT350 and GT350R models and it comes with a few features that can boost your car’s ego & performance.

But let’s switch gears for a moment. What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is made up of long strands of molecules that are bound together by carbon atoms. Sounds pretty scientific, doesn’t it? However, where the strength comes from is the magic. When woven together, carbon fiber becomes stronger and tougher than steel. Despite its monumental strength, carbon fiber is very lightweight which gives any vehicle or vessel better performance. How the products are made with carbon fiber is an intricate process. This material has been used in aircrafts, ships, and bicycles but practically anything can be made from carbon fiber.

For this specific hood, we use the original part from an actual Mustang GT350R to make a mold of it. The hood and the vent are comprised of vacuum infused with 100% all carbon fiber.  It has carbon fiber with automotive clear coat finish both top and bottom sides for show.   The hood has a removable carbon fiber vent with an integrated stainless mesh grille.  For additional safety, the metal latch and hinge plates are embedded and riveted to the hood giving you the confidence and security you need on or off the track. The hood is paintable so you can have it custom painted to fit your flair. The weight of the original hood is 40 pounds whereas the carbon fiber hood is approximately 20 pounds. This makes for a faster and smoother drive past your contenders, wouldn’t you think so?

Whether it’s for car shows, racing, or both – this carbon fiber hood is a stunning and integral addition to further elevate your car and make it stand out from the rest. Don’t trail behind and get left in the dust, purchase yours today!

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